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Internet: viruses become more dangerous

Stop Cybercrime

From time, when in 1988 the virus "Morris Worm" paralyzed half of the computers, Internet remains not only way of the information transfer in scientific, industrial and other fields, but also became a global electronic network which interferes in all aspects of our life.

A study of virus attacks in the first four months of 2003 by the Computer Crime Research Center shows that malware is becoming more dangerous because, once on a network, viruses are capable of penetrating into "all elements of the corporate information infrastructure." With more and more transactions and activities being conducted online, viruses can have serious disruptive effects.

Malicious programs result regular failure of facilities of information transfer that, finally, is the reason of loss^; many organizations do not have necessary resources of computer viruses guard.

The study also found that e-mail is still the most common infection vector. Threats for information security get new dangerous forms and apply more and more in the Internet and IT. That is why problems of cybercrime fighting and information security get especial importance now.

Source: Crime-research.org

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