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RSA Security Joins New York-Area Leaders To Address
Cyberterrorism and Critical Infrastructure Protection

Stop Cybercrime NEW YORK and BEDFORD, /PRNewswire-FirstCall/-- RSA Security Inc., the most trusted name in e-security(R), will join New York-area leaders to further the public dialogue on cyberterrorism and critical infrastructure protection at the 10th Annual Long Island/New York City Emergency Management Conference. The conference runs May 5 - 7, 2002, at the Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers in New York City.

Under the theme of "9-11: A Country Changed," RSA Security will exhibit its award-winning identity and access management technologies for securing critical networks, and present broad recommendations and best practices for organizations focused on protecting themselves against cyberterrorism. During the week, representatives from local government, law enforcement, public utilities and business will address the threat of cyberterrorism as part of the region's ongoing focus on emergency preparedness.

"The technology already exists to protect our networks against cyberterrorism," said Art Coviello, president and CEO of RSA Security. "Business and government must work together to identify vulnerabilities, develop more secure software, and educate each other on how to best secure these systems. This event is a key venue for continuing to accelerate these efforts and secure our country's critical infrastructure."

Is The Threat Real?

Over the past several years, power plants, nuclear facilities, water treatment plants, factories and other similar sites have implemented Internet- based technologies allowing for remote monitoring and control of these facilities using a Web browser. Recently, reports in the media have indicated that law enforcement authorities are identifying unusual Web traffic to various utilities and government offices - heightening concern that foreign or domestic terrorists may attempt to tamper with these facilities. RSA Security believes raising awareness of the issue, accessing vulnerabilities and taking preventive measures is vital to properly protecting our critical infrastructure and emergency response systems.

Taking Appropriate Steps

RSA Security suggests the following steps for organizations seeking to safeguard themselves against cyberterrorism:

-- Step I: Identify vulnerabilities - Look at the organization and construct "what if" scenarios based on attacks to various parts or the organization's information infrastructure. Determine which areas are most at-risk and which areas would cause the most harm if they were attacked.

-- Step II: Determine policy and process - Develop a policy that defines who needs access to what (information, building access, etc.), and when people actually require access. Applying technology to a situation that has a poorly defined policy and process has the net effect of making it harder for authorized people to get access to critical data while not doing much to keep unauthorized people away.

-- Step III: Apply the right technology - Businesses, public utilities and governments need to view their security needs as three-fold: keeping threats from getting in through the network, controlling access to information once people are on the network, and protecting data at rest in systems within the network. This requires a mixture of authentication, access management, intrusion detection, and anti-virus solutions, to name a few. Each has a role, but no single component will completely secure an organization.

For more information about the Long Island/New York City Emergency Management Conference, visit http://www.linycemconference.com.

About RSA Security Inc.

With more than 11,000 customers around the globe, RSA Security provides interoperable solutions for establishing online identities, access rights and privileges for people, applications and devices. Built to work seamlessly and transparently in complex environments, the Company's comprehensive portfolio of identity and access management solutions - including authentication, Web access management and developer solutions - is designed to allow customers to confidently exploit new technologies for competitive advantage. RSA Security's strong reputation is built on its history of ingenuity and leadership, proven technologies and long-standing relationships with more than 1,000 technology partners. For more information on RSA Security, please visit http://www.rsasecurity.com.

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