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AG cracks down on 'Net scams

(Associated Press)

Stop Net scams Attorneys general in 28 states, including Idaho, are cracking down on Internet auction scams.

Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden says he's joined with the Federal Trade Commission investigation, called Operation Bidder Beware.

Wasden said two Idaho residents allegedly participated in the scams.

Authorities say Bradley Bottum of Hayden advertised digital cameras on e-Bay, an online auction site. Bottum allegedly accepted payment for the goods and then did not send the cameras.

According to a letter of agreement between Bottum and the Attorney General's Office, Bottum agreed to pay restitution to the Idaho consumers.

Authorities say Nampa resident Paul Ward was arrested and charged with 21 felony counts of computer crime.

The Attorney General's Office received 19 consumer complaints alleging that Ward had advertised sunglasses, computer equipment and games on e-Bay but failed to send the items once he was paid.

Source: www.ktvb.com

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