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Net auction password peddler pinched

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KYOTO -- A Tokyo man has been arrested for stealing other people's passwords for a major auction site and selling them, it was learned Friday.

Norihiro Ite, of Tokyo's Shibuya-ku, was arrested by Kyoto police's cyber-crime division officers who traced him from several ads for passwords he posted on Internet chat boards.

Investigators said the 40-year-old jobless man logged onto the Yahoo Auction website from September to November last year from his own computer at home and managed to steal passwords used by at least 10 auction site users.

Ite is accused of illegally using their passwords on 17 occasions.

Police said Ite pocketed around 30,000 yen by selling at least two of the stolen passwords accompanied with the victims' handle names to a third party.

The number of fraud cases through Internet auction sites using stolen handle names and passwords is on the increase, police added. (Mainichi Shimbun, May 2, 2003)

Source: mdn.mainichi.co.jp

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