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The computer crimes in Ukraine can be unpunished

The criminal code should be honored

As is known the Criminal code of Ukraine contains section XVI " Crimes in sphere of computers, systems and computer networks use ".

The lacks of 361-st and 362-nd articles' dispositions in which illegal acts are connected to computers, was criticized at a stage of Criminal Code project discussion.

Since September, 1, 2001, (the new Criminal Code of Ukraine came into force), has passed a little more than year and under InformationWeek's data, the development of a new project of the superfast computing system comes to an end. And its principle is already based on a new quantum computer which will be so powerful that will force the today's fastest computer to remind the pocket calculator.

Some theory

The usual COMPUTER "thinks" with the help of a plenty operations. Using these tiny operations and bits of the information, the processor can "remember" numbers and do all the mathematical data sortings to execute computing commands. The quantum computer will be much more perfect, than present models.

The quantum computer will use intratomic particles - electrons. As these particles can exist in different statuses simultaneously, they become polybit, i.e. can store some bits of the information simultaneously. Thus, an electron can install much more information, than the usual mechanical system.

What can we expect?

In this connection it is possible to imagine problems of computer crimes qualification, and furthermore criminal prosecution guilty when cybercriminals will use not just a computers (as Criminal Code of Ukraine defines), but a quantum computer.


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