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Discussion : CONSUMER WATCH: Internet auctions top fraud list

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2005-12-28 19:48:10 -
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2005-11-07 02:54:30 -
This is a great site but unfortunately ppl are stupid!!!
That you will never stop:(
I myself have sent the eBay Security ppl over a 1000 complaints regarding the scammers on ebay, (namely a certain scammer from: Bergamo, Italy, that likes to sell bogus satellite phones & acer ferrari laptops) and all they seem to do is slap them on the wrist, and give the stolen ID back to the rightful owner, then 10 mins l8r they are back on ebay scamming the buyers, plus as concerned users of eBay we don't get any reward for informing them of these scammers so after awhile you say to yourself whats the use, "I'm not even being paid for this".
I blame the credit card companies, they are the real evil in all this they make many millions of profit every year but spemd much more on advertising than on security,,,because after all If they get scammed, the insurance pays them and then the tax payer gets hammered again, it's just one vicious circle...
So whats the answer???
Well I have many great ideas but since I have been slapped myself from eBay and other sources for trying to help them catch scammers... I myself will sell my ideas to the highest bidder, LOL ( maybe on ebay).
But seriously, it isn't going to get any better as newer younger and more older ppl sign up for the deal of the century on these online auctions, the scammers are just waiting ready to pounce on their next victim.
I am sick and tired of telling ppl to watch their ID, but no-one seems to care, they seem to think it's someone else's problem not theirs...sheesh!!!
You could get rid of credit cards tomorrow and ID fraud would still continue to rise, it's as If ppl are getting dumber and dumber every generation that arises, and mobody seems to truly understand the crippling affect ID theft is, until it happens to them!!!

Anyways in closing, If you truly want my help and think I have something worhty on offer give my email address to the FBI, I'd be glad to help, (especially If they want to pay me) I know there are over 300 ways to automatically kick scammers off auction sites but nobody semms to be using this software.

Well good luck in your lifetime quest for the perfect mousetrap, I hope you manage to at least to understand the dynamics behind it, that alone would be worth it's weight in gold:)

My very best regards,

2005-09-05 17:29:46 -
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2005-01-31 02:17:08 -
Fraud on eBay grows daily. For a list of articles about auction fraud, take a look at the following website: Just Say No to eBay at

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