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Discussion : Filipino hacker

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2011-03-10 05:11:02 - HackedMe
A hacker is not stupid, dumb or idiot. Philippines is a paradise for hackers, why??? because one of the basic recipe for hacking is that there are many wifi area and computer shop that a hacker can used. And what kind of substantial evidence can they get from computer shop or wifi area?? (There are technical reasons why the govt can't get any substantial evidence on a computer shop or wifi area. But I will not discuss it on my comment) That's only a basic recipe, but if he/she is really a hacker, there are a lot of things that a hacker can do to prevent anyone to trace him/her. If he/she did not plead guilty I don't think that the govt can find substantial evidence to convict him/her unless he/she do the hacking on his/her own house. which is very very stupid thing to do.

2009-06-14 14:38:18 -
This guys my uncle

2008-02-15 10:28:01 - Filipino Blues
We obviously have more simple problems to face such as Driving Stupidity which causes everyday hassles than dealing with overrated events such as this hacking fiasco.

2007-08-09 04:52:21 -
his website at

Total 4 comments
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