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1 in 10 users hit by e-fraud

Date: March 27, 2007

NEARLY one in ten internet users in Scotland fell victim to online fraud last year, losing an average of 1,001 each.

According to a survey, many failed to take basic steps to protect themselves online and fewer than half felt they were wholly responsible for their safety while using the internet.

The YouGov survey for Get Safe Online, a campaign group set up by the government, police and private companies, found that 9 per cent of users were victims last year.

In that time, 3 per cent of all internet users in Scotland suffered fraud while shopping online and 5 per cent were subject to bank account or credit card fraud.

Apacs, the payments association, estimated about 184 million was stolen last year through internet fraud across the UK. But this latest survey suggests that the real value of internet fraud could be as high as 2.6 billion a year, with people in Scotland losing a total of about 260 million.

Across the UK, the prevalence of reported internet fraud is slightly higher than in Scotland, with 12 per cent of respondents saying they had been targeted by criminals, although the average loss was lower at 875.
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