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Discussion : Online fight against child porn launched

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2010-04-08 12:01:15 -
Okay? There is everything wrong about child porn. These kids are treated as though they are something without a soul. Where they have no feelings, no admirations, no future, no families no concerns what is being done to them. They haven't been able to live a life because thier innocense is being taken away from them. They have a name and it is not NUMBER.
But, with that. There is also something wrong with PORN itself on the INTERNET. We have kids that are young and vulernable that are getting addicted to online porn. And its getting worse. And its not just for those who are getting online, but its also getting worse for those victims that are lured into this by promises being made by trafficers who prey on them for the money they make. Its a notice of EVIL in a deceitful way to those who are blind to the real story. And who are paying the price behind close doors.

2008-10-31 02:38:50 -
I think the culprit should be hanged if guilt no parole and manadotory have to spent in us jail to suffer and feel the pain, that should be punishment for these bastards, I think still not enogh, Make me incharge to punish these bs and I assure you there will be no one in the world to dare to do this

2008-10-31 02:29:19 -
I think need harder laws like china and middle east to tackle thse bs , as they shot them and send bill for the bullet wasred

2008-10-31 02:25:14 -
need hard laws against thse f*88 I think if whoever does it it demolish the whole life of an innocent kid, I like to see that bastard get shot in front of everybody to make an example that dont mess with our kids.

2008-01-04 19:08:42 -
I want to know what I can do. Where I can go to get this issue eliminated. Abolished. None of these children choose to live their lives this way. They are manipulated and forced. What is there that I can do to stop this from happening?? What is there that I can do to prevent child porn? These children need to be loved. They need to know what it feels like to be truly loved. How has this world fallen so far away from that? Lust is anything but love. Yet humanity keeps down this path of lust and not love.

I'm ready to go to the white house about this, you know?

2007-05-10 22:29:57 - Jesus Christ
I am really saddened by the fact that there is not enough being done about this issue. It should be at the fore front as an issue that need to be taken care of. Its all over the internet now and nothing is being done about it. Bill Gates can sit on his ass and make money all day but nothing is done about these sickos

2007-02-02 11:42:01 - Mark
it is good that you are all talking about this tho. it is an issue that needs to be addressed.

2007-02-02 11:40:52 -
You guys all speak a big talk. My email is When some one has a definitive action that they are going to take, I’m in. I’m a student at the Mount Royal College in Calgary Alberta enrolled in the police studies certificate program. I want to be actively involved in this fight.

2006-06-16 13:07:17 -
It is sickenning to know that some bimbos are making money by destroying our childrens lives, why does not the government do something about this whole issue is it that they are afraid, I say let us stand up, the first thing we need to do is find out who the big man in thi industry are then we bring them down NOW.

2005-10-18 06:47:46 -
Again, with child pornography the whole picture is being ignored. We are talking about one case at a time. One can not clear a field of weeds by pulling one dandelion. We must get to the roots. And the roots in this case are the big industries that are reaping from 10 to 14 billions of dollars each year, off this market. Many of these industries are names known in every home in the Nation. That is where we must stop this terrible scourge on our children, our women, and our civilization in general. These are big and rich corporations. But is not one child more important than all their wealth? Our motto should be: give back to the children, their innocence: to the woman, her dignity; and to the man, his honor.

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2005-02-09 19:25:14 - marc
This problem is obviosly overlooked by many, or it would be solved. Let's ADVANCE the methods of combat to eliminate this mess from our computers and the world.

Total 13 comments
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