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Discussion : Technology Can't Stop Cyber Crime!

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2009-08-10 04:26:19 -
sir what is the cyber crime
how can devlope sowftwer by stpoe cyber crime
cau u understand my que.

2008-11-20 04:36:34 -

2007-05-22 20:27:26 -
what is cybercrime

2007-05-17 13:41:15 -
i love youuuu

2007-05-17 13:40:43 - JEryd
i love youuuuu

2007-03-06 04:46:34 -

2007-01-30 00:35:03 - Thapa
I dont know about the stuff written about RAman... but the article is a pretty good one...I mean Technology Cant Stop cyber Crime..

2007-01-30 00:25:44 - firstharmony
Ontario, MIRC

2007-01-29 23:38:47 -
I have trained and served with Raghu. Whoever has writen this has obviously been rogered by him somewhere, and these are his rantings.

Firstly Raghu has never been in 21 Mech. Secondly he not only commanded a company in active combat in Siachen but was also given a very high war report for it. Anyone can verify this by simply asking any of his coursemates.

Secondly, Raghu has been always been graded an Alpha in all the courses that he has attended; topping a couple of them. And I have been with him on two of those courses to vouch for it. That and his ACR's were the reason he was nominated in the team that went to UN and not some connection with ministers or having a general as a father in law..Besides the writer ought to know that such things may work in civvy street - not in the army..

Tthat he met his wife in Angola is no secret. More than 1000 troops and officers knew that. Also I attended his marraige which was much after he left the army. The fact is that when Raghu put in his papers he was posted as Instructor in School of Armoured Warfare under General Satur and anyone who has any inkling of the army knows what that means in terms of the calibre. I dont know much about the automobile and mahindra but going by what is cited before i have a good sense that the writer of this blog has some bone to pick with raghu... only his story is all made up!! At least the part of the army bit..

2007-01-29 23:15:28 -
Who is this guy anyway? I'm talking about the person who posted this, not Raghu Raman. I've known Raghu Raman for a while and what the poster seems to say is just some kind of general rant, most probably because he lost some arm-wrestling match against Raman :-)

Although I don't know very much about his past, 'marrying a French lady as a ticket to pot of gold' is rather incorrect.

The meaning of what is claimed with the Mahindra College part is a bit muddled , because his English is rather terrible...

2007-01-09 02:53:23 -
i have received an interview call from Mah SSG, after reading this post im not sure i want to go ! this is serious fraud and if this is correct why has nothing been proven? im assuming nothing is proven since he is at the helm of the company...

2006-04-11 13:41:38 -

2006-02-16 02:16:47 - Raman
DONT QUOTE RAGHU RAMAN - THE FRAUD CEO OF Mahindra Special Services Group.

This is a story of Raghu Raman a middle class Malayalee boy grew up in Delhi. A story that ought to be told so that people who have been harmed by this charlatan have a collective forum to articulate themselves.
His twisted character and his taste for easy money took root early. He started scams during college days itself. As a B.Com student in Sri Venkataswera College New Delhi he falsified addresses in college raffles sold to student in the south campus and claimed a motorcycle. He was never a bright student and was very well aware of this limitation. He joined the Indian Military Academy Dehradun in 1986-87 and it is a telling testimony that he was found at the bottom of all parameters required for an Army officer. He passed out at the near bottom of his course and was commissioned into the 21 Mechanized Infantry Regiment of the Indian Army. His claim to be in the Siachen Glacier is a complete hogwash, another of his sordid tales – in reality he was only on a deputation to the Siachen Glacier for one year and was in the luxury of the base camp training soldiers for actual operational duties. The Army was not enough for him. Luckily for him a company of 21 Mechanized Infantry was assigned to united nation duties in Angola the mission was called UNAVEM.Officers of 21 Mechanized Infantry were deputed on a turnover basis and soon Raman got his chance. Officers of foreign armies were also assigned duties and Raman lured a French lady officer – she was to be her passport to the pot of gold. Officers of 21 Mechanized Infantry advised him against the affair it was reported to Military Intelligence and recall orders for Raman were issued by Delhi. He secretly married the French officer and did not declare his second marriage. His wife lodged complaints to the Army Chief and defense ministry to intercede as marriage to a foreign national while in the Army is a serious offence – the icing to the cake is that it a second marriage in hiding. The Army viewed this very seriously and before Courts Martial proceedings were commenced. An ultimatum was given to him to annul the marriage the second marriage. It was only through the personal intervention of the Mr. George Fernandes a fellow Malyalee that he got his discharge and narrowly escaped disciplinary proceedings. With a BCom degree in hand and the gift of gab he set out to make money the easy way. Without an ounce of originality the only place he could garner for himself was Mahindra World College, thanks to a referral by a fellow officer of the 21 Mechanized Infantry who worked in an administrative capacity. The principal of the Mahindra World College Mr. D Wilkinson ( will be able to vet the scale of fraud perpetrated by Raman. He managed to Mr. Anand Mahindra Director & CEO of M&M in his capacity as patron of Mahindra World College – who inadvertently egged his rise in his group. Raman became CEO of Automart India a used car portal. Within a few months Sah and Sangi major car dealers of Mumbai and partners in Automart saw through him. He was removed from Automart. He remained without a job for a few months. He borrowed an idea from an officer colleague Capt Jagdeep Kairon who had also taken early retirement and commenced an IT security company and which was the real thing – Network Security Solutions ( With this stolen idea he bargained a second chance with Mr. Anand Mahindra and got a placement in Mahindra Consulting Ltd. So Raman with no IT background, forget information security, fooled a major business house and managed to put up a road show. To enhance his mandate and funding from M&M he routinely resorted to physical theft of high value software and client licenses from global security companies like NAI/ISS/Symantec through staged demonstrations. He undertook tapping of the Mahindra corporate network through key loggers. Even the boards of directors were not spared. Private emails of top management were continuously scrutinized for insider information. The few companies that he has transacted with have lost vital information through his tapping. He has positioned himself as an investigator with a fraudulent license at and any information on Indian affairs will be paid to foreign bidders. Raghu Raman should not be in the Indian corporate space - he truly belongs in a high security prison – he is a really dangerous guy.

Total 13 comments
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