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Discussion : Moscow: hacker's soft is sold in the street

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2006-12-20 23:33:56 -
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2006-12-20 23:33:09 -
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2006-12-20 23:33:01 -
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2006-12-20 23:09:09 -
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2006-12-20 23:08:58 -
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2006-12-20 23:08:25 -
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2006-11-12 01:54:02 -
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2006-11-12 01:53:57 -
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2006-11-12 01:52:00 -
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2006-09-08 01:00:09 -

2006-08-15 18:52:21 - MOLRUS
molodets devchionka....

2006-04-26 02:28:34 -">suntanned natural tit

2006-03-04 10:01:47 - blackram
Actually many people think that hacker software is all destructive and dangerous but in fact it has a very valid use in various facets of IT.If you ask many IT professionals they'll tell you they were once hackers themselves before getting into IT.The biggest reason hacker software carries a bad name is because it's free and the major retail software vendors can't make any money off of it.If they sell it it's called retail software and if it's free they call it hacker software.They have many pieces of software for sale legally by vendors that do far more than folks think.If you buy it it's ok but if it's free it's not.Why is that you think?....Money.They sell password crackers,network sniffers,remote administration tools(trojans) and all kinds of other things to control and access information with but they are ok because a "security" website sells them.Some people can't afford a piece that costs a lot of money but the hacker software is free and some of it is much better too.You spend your money on a piece to buy it at times only to find out it's a piece of trash.I know I collect and study all kinds of it and the quality of some hacker work is excellent and better than pay software.I have a huge collection of hacker software along with retail software too.I like them both.Oh and the software that the girl had is very common on the internet at your friendly neighborhood hacker sites free for download.It's up to the individual what purpose they use it for be it good or bad.It's like a gun.I say it's horse crap the girl got prison time for selling what is readily available in large amounts on the internet.She was just trying to make a little money doing it.How many people are there that don't try to make money somehow? Hacking is a game.They create something and the hacker tries to find a way around it as a challenge.It's like a game of chess in the mind of many hackers. :)

2005-08-11 15:14:55 -
he he he and that is very good! Очень хорошо

2004-08-18 22:01:26 -
Cybernat ... I don't think so, you must only the better looking for ... :] peace hip hop forever

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