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Protect your children from online threats

Date: September 23, 2007

Hey, kids and parents, thanks for going online to check out my recent column on the secrets to success.

Several of you even posted e-mail responses. Let’s click on them to see what you had to say. The feedback could be educational.

Here’s the first comment: “How to make easy money fast and legally!!!!” Holy cow, by stuffing and licking envelopes from home, you can make $42,000 in a month? That’s what the e-mail said.

Just send in $6 for a training kit, and your children can moonlight after their social studies homework.

The note goes on to detail how to build the business, and how to send the $6 payment — mail six envelopes, with a $1 bill in each. Of course, this is legit, above-board and on the straight and narrow. Or, as the e-mail put it, “This is not a rip-off, it is not illegal, and it is virtually no risk.”

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