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Online victims "need help centre"

Date: February 11, 2004
Source: BBC newsround

cyber terrorism A children's charity says more needs to be done to help children who've had nasty experiences on the net.

Barnardo's wants the government to establish a centre staffed by people who are trained to deal with the problems caused by modern technology.

They would be able to help kids with a variety of issues - from being misled in chatrooms to child abuse.

Barnardo's also wants countries to work together to help stamp out internet crime across the world.


They say digital cameras and web phones are making it easier for kids to get on to the net without being supervised.

Half of all children now have access to the net, which is great for them, but also for strangers who want to find a way to contact them.

Nobody knows quite how many have had bad experiences in chatrooms because many children are too scared or embarrassed to say.

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