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ACCC sweeps up scams

By Staff writers, iTnews
Date: February 10, 2004
Source: ITNews Australia

cyber terrorism Australia will lead a global scouring of the internet to crack down on scam sites.
The International Internet Sweep, led by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and involving 24 countries, will target websites promising goods and services which are too good to be true.
“The internet is prime territory for scammers around the globe who seek to take advantage of international boundaries to avoid detection,” ACCC chair Graeme Samuel said.

“Cross border cooperation is essential to combat these types of scams. Enforcement agencies are increasingly working together to combat internet fraud, where scammers exploit the international nature of the internet.” Samuel added the commission received an increasing number of complaints and inquiries about internet scams last year.

People are often enticed into schemes by the lure of quick and easy money and opportunities to work from home with a grossly exaggerated earning potential. However, these people can be duped into paying start-up fees and added costs. As a result, thousands of dollars are lost to internet scams, the ACCC said.

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