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Beware of Get Rich Quick Schemes

Date: February 03, 2004
Source: News First abc

scam Attorney General Jon Bruning wants to raise awareness of several scams going on and his message is. . . If it's too good to be true then it probably is. . . .
Bruning held a press conference today to kick off the fifth annual consumer protection week. Last year. . .his office received the most complaints for internet fraud schemes claiming to help you “get rich quick.” Bruning says a lot of scams ask for money and consumers should use caution. Postmaster Doug Emery says if you receive anything that appears to be a mail fraud scheme. . . contact postal inspection services in Omaha.

“Our goal is to educate postal customers and to decrease the number of consumers falling victim. The top 5 scams this year are free prize conspiracies, foreign lotteries, pyramid schemes, investment fraud plans, and work at home schemes.”

Scott Meacham from the better business bureau says if you own a computer, mailbox, or telephone. . . You could be a victim.

“You simply can't make hundreds or thousands of dollars a week working from home. If you have to send money, the only person making the money is the con artist you're sending it too.”

For more information about the scams. . . Visit the Nebraska Attorney General's website at wwww.ago.state.ne.us

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