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Tulsa Police's Cybercrime Tip of the Week

Date: December 16, 2003

Cybercrime Be aware there is currently an email circulating titled “Citibank E-mail Verification” and is actually criminals in Japan trying to get you to enter your Debit Card Number and Password:

We have received complaints reference citizens receiving an email from Citibank requesting their email address. When the link is clicked on it actually goes to the true Citibank site. However, there is also a pop-up that appears on the screen with the Citibank logo, requesting your ATM Debit Card number and Password. Upon a close look at the pop-up, it alone is found to actually originate out of Japan, and if you enter your information and click OK, your Debit Card information is sent to the Japan site for criminal activity. The background Citibank site is legitimate, the pop-up is not.

This email is as follows:

Dear Citibank Member,

This email was sent by the Citibank server to verify your e-mail address. You must complete this process by clicking on the link below and entering in the small window your Citibank ATM/Debit Card number and PIN that you use on ATM.

This is done for your protection -- because some of our members no longer have access to their email addresses and we must verify it.

To verify your e-mail address and access your bank account, click on the link below. If nothing happens when you click on the link (or if you use AOL), copy and paste the link into the address bar of your web browser.

Please do NOT respond to this or any emails such as this, call your credit card company if you have a question.

If you have any questions, you may contact Tulsa Police’s Cybercrime unit at cybercrimeunit@ci.tulsa.ok.us

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