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Cybercrime turnes into organized crime

By Vladimir Golubev
Date: December 09, 2003

Cybercrime "Organized crime try to get the control over illegal activity in the Internet, mainly over viruse-makers and spammers",- Eugeny Kaspersky, the computer security expert and the head of the company "Kaspersky's Laboratory", developing the anti-virus software, said. - I would like to warn all computer underground. If you write viruses or programs for computer espionage or dispatch a spam, early or late the mafia will knock at your door". According to Kaspersky, the organized crime is interested in high profitableness of spam- technologies, and viruse-makers can be considered by mafia as high-skilled experts in the field of computer espionage and sabotage.

However, some infosec experts disagree with Kaspersky's position or agree only in part. On certain expert data, the organized crime has been carrying out illegal activity in high-tech branches having computer experts. In particular, it is widely known, that the organized crime is involved in distribution of the counterfeit software.

Thus, according to law enforcements, individual virus-makers, hackers and spammers hardly can interest a mafia^; and expanding of cybercrime in information space goes the same rates as traditional crimes in other areas.

Computer Crime Research Center

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