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Nigeria to fight '419' scams

Source: P2P NET.net

Date: December 03, 2003

computer crime I was a moslem until a 18months ago when the master Jesus met me ...

Dear Gentleman,Greetings in the precious name of Jesus Christ.

I have received a very reliable information about you, and would like you to assist me in this transaction.

You'll recognize this as a shining example of what's now Nigeria's fifth largest growth industry - the 419 scam, so called after the section number of the Nigerian criminal law that theoretically applies to it.

It goes on:

However, I am Mr. Audu Bamaiyi the only son to the former Chief of Army Staff Federal Republic of Nigeria who is presently in detention for an alleged felony. For the past eighteen (18) months, I have accepted Christ as my Personal Lord and Saviour, and I would like to use the sum of $40m (Forty Million United States Dollars) my father revealed to me that is in an underground safe in our country home, to propagate the word of Lord^; like building magnificent church/ministry in your country.

So I would like you to assist me in receiving these funds in your country as a brethren in Christ.

Looking forward for an urgent reply for more information regarding to this transaction or through my Tel No. 234-42-257027 or Email address.

Thanks and God Bless.Yours Brother in Christ.Audu Bamiayi

The example here comes from Scam-O-Rama, or The Lads from Lagos. And there's a lot more following on from the first email - you'll fall off your chair laughing.

However, it's no joke and its brilliance lies its tortured prose: after all, no one could make something like this up. And thousands of people around the world have indeed been taken in by the 419 swindle and Nigeria has now set up a 15-member presidential panel to tackle Internet fraud, officials said.

"The Internet has become the home of scammers who busy themselves sending all sorts of computer and cyber crimes," Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo was quoted as saying in South Africa's Finance24.

The occasion was the inauguration of a new 15-member ant-fraud committee in Abuja on Saturday.

And the report says the Nigerian government has now stepped up measures against the fraudsters, and the new committee will collaborate with existing anti-fraud agencies to stem Internet fraud, "which has harmed Nigeria's image internationally".

How effective will the committee be? Don't hold your breath. In the meanwhile, we received the example below on December 2.


Subject: For Your Kind Attention
From: mariomdada1@mailsurf.com
Date: Tue, 02 Dec 2003 02:06:55 +0000
To: *****@*****.net

Mr. Mario Dada
Arantes Security Services
Parque Empresarial Zuatzu
Edificio Urgull 2? Planta - Local n? 10
email: mariodada@fsmail.net

We Want To Transfer To Abroad $US29.5m (Twenty Nine Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) from A Security Company, Arantes Security Services,San Sebastian, Spain. I am contacting you in a non official capacity. The purpose of my writing to you is because my colleagues and I are searching for a foreign business partner who is in a position to assist us with our urgent business proposal, as time is not on our side. A partner, who understands what confidentiality means and who has the necessary facilities we require in embarking on this important venture. I Want To Believe That You Will Never Let Me Down Either Now Or In Future.

I Am Mario Dada, The General Manager, Arantes Security Services,San Sebastian, Spain During The Course Of Our Auditing, I Discovered A Floating Fund In An Account Opened In The security Company In 1990 And Since 1993 Nobody Has Operated On This Account Again. After Going Through Some Old Files In The Records, I Discovered That The Owner Of The Account Died Without AN [Heir], Hence The Money Has Been Floating And If I Do Not Remit This Money Out Urgently It Will Be Forfeited For Nothing.

The Owner Of This Account Was Mr. Michael D. Owen, A Foreigner, And An Industrialist, He Died Since 1993 And No Other Person Knows About This Account Or Anything Concerning It. The Account Has No Beneficiary And My Investigation Proved To Me As Well That Mr.Michael D. Owen Until His Death Was The Managing Director, Lolito Fuchs, GMBH.

I Am Contacting You As A Foreigner Because This Money Can Only Be Approved To A Foreigner With A Valid International Passport, Drivers Licence And Foreign Account Because The Money Is In Us Dollars And The Former Owner Of The Account Mr. Michael D. Owen Is A Foreigner.

I Am Revealing All This To You With The Belief That You Will Never Let Me Down In This Business. Please Reply Urgently For Me To Tell You The Next Step To Take.You Should Forward Your Telephone And Fax Numbers.

You Will Have To Give Me The Assurance When We Meet That This Money Will Be Intact Pending Our Physical Arrival In Your Country For Sharing And Disbursement Of The Fund Which Will Be 20% For Your Assistance, 70% Will Be For Us While 10% Will Be Set Aside To Take Care Of All The Expenses That Will Be Incurred By Both Parties During The Course Of The Transfer.

I Look Forward To Your Earliest Response Through My E-Mail Above.

Best Regards,

Mr. Mario DADA

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