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A sensational case of "Bakhmach hackers" was closed

By Dmitri Kramarenko
Date: December 02, 2003

computer crime A criminal case, initiated last year against group of so-called "Bakhmach hackers" stealing money from Bakhmach department of the Savings Bank of Ukraine (Chernigov region, Ukraine), was investigated and closed, criminals were sentenced to 7-8 years of imprisonment with property confiscation, Public Prosecutor of Chernigov region Nikolai Lesovoi informed at press conference in Chernigov.
The criminal group included the major of Tax Police of Bakhmach town and two programmers. One of them, employee of Bakhmach department of the Savings Bank of Ukraine, has stolen the secret computer program designed for managing electronic payments and has picked up organizations with significant funds on accounts. Criminals also have “pumped out" over 247000 UAH (approximately 46000 USD) to the account of Donetsk private company on the purpose of further funds encashing.

After successful operation, accomplices have decided to appropriate 2 million UAH more. However, bank system has blocked transfer of such big sum and informed employees of The Chernigov Savings Bank. As a result criminals have been revealed and arrested.

This case was investigated by the Investigative Department of the Office of Public Prosecutor of the Chernigov region and the sentence was passed by Bakhmach regional court.

“Context Media” Chernigov, Ukraine

Computer Crime Research Center

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