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Ukraine Takes War on Pirated Copies

By Ludmila Goroshko
Date: November 27, 2003

Computer Crime Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk – Dnepropetrovsk Company “Orbita” specializes in developing and producing electronic and software for space industry^; it’s a company with restricted secured access. Exactly, here was developed underground shop on producing pirated CDs and videocassettes. However, there was a final assembling of the pirated copies. CDs and cassettes have been recorded in basement of the apartment house, and polychromatic labels and loose leafs have been printed in the (!) restaurant.

A result of the special operation, carried out by Tax Police, Security Service of Ukraine and Office of Public Prosecutor was the 30 000 pirated CD and 4 500 videocassettes for 1 million Ukrainian Hrivnas (about $200 000). Besides, most of CDs and videocassettes contained pornography.

Underground shop have been acting for two years, and flooded the Ukrainian market (Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Donetsk, Chernigov, and other regions) with pirated copies under the trade mark of well-known company. So, criminal case has been initiated^; now law enforcements are working on establishing the suspected persons and organizers of illegal business.

Computer Crime Research Center

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