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Tulsa Police's Cybercrime Tip of the Week

Source: KOTV
Date: November 25, 2003

Computer Crime Online Car Purchasing
Be aware of purchasing vehicles online. We have investigated a number of cases lately in which people have either purchased or sold vehicles online and then were defrauded.

The following are sample cases we have dealt with lately:
1. A purchase was made of an antic classic Corvette. The victim paid $40,000.00 for the car. Upon delivery the victim found the vehicle actually had an engine that did not belong in that vehicle. The value of the vehicle dropped by $8,000.00 immediately from itís original value.
2. A victim purchased a 1980 Triumph TR8 online to surprise his wife for her birthday. The vehicle was purchased from an individual in Oregon. He paid $1,000.00 up front, and then after the Title arrived he sent the balance of $8,825.00, before the arrival of his vehicle. The suspect failed to deliver the vehicle, and the title has the incorrect amount of characters in the VIN.
3. A victim sold a $58,500.00 Hummer online. The suspect sent a Corporate Check for the vehicle. The buyer arranged shipping to Florida where it was then shipped to Nigeria. The check came back as counterfeit.

Online Purchasing of Vehicles
1. Verify the validity of the other party you are dealing with.
2. Use an Escrow Service to insure satisfaction with the quality of the sale is attained.
3. If possible higher a 3rd party to inspect the vehicle prior to sale.
4. Be cautious if the amount offered for the purchase seems to good to be true.

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