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'Mischievous' e-mail to Kiwis: cafe located

Source: Hi Pakistan
Date: November 19, 2003

Cyber Crime The authorities have traced the Internet cafe, which is thought to be the possible location for sending the “mischievous” e-mail to the New Zealand cricket team last week.

Four leading players of New Zealand cricket team including Scot Stayris, MacMillan, Kayal Mills and Ian Buttler refused to travel to Pakistan on the “security grounds” after they reported to their cricket authorities about receiving threatening e-mail message which read “If you continue with your tour schedule to Pakistan you will have to face dire consequences”.
The New Zealand Cricket Board took up the issue with the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) which sought help of the Federal government in this regard. The Federal government assigned cyber crime experts of FIA, intelligence agencies and the police with the task of locating the alleged culprit responsible for sending the e-mail. The personnel of these agencies finally pinned down the Internet cafe from where this message originated besides tracing the domain of the e-mail.

The authorities had taken into custody two owners of the internet cafe situated in Omar Block, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore, a few days earlier but later released them Tuesday evening after interrogation.
Ever since the disclosure of the location, policemen in plane clothes have been deputed in and around the cafe to catch the possible culprit who almost made the New Zealanders to call off their re-scheduled tour to Pakistan.

It is interesting that Pakistan’s cricket team has never refused to any country’s invitation due to security concerns. Though Pakistani players were attacked in South Africa but they did not abandon their tour. Moreover, Pakistan played with India despite threats from hostile elements of Shev Sena in 1998.

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