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New Zealand Under Attack of Cyber Swindlers

By Vladimir Golubev
Date: November 05, 2003

Cyber Crimes Computer swindlers from Russia have forced about 200 investors of one of New Zealand's banks to disclose their confidential passwords for monetary operations through the Internet. Total sum of the caused damage has not been determined yet. According to police in Wellington clients of New Zealand bank "Westluck" have recently received innocent notification with request to confirm their computer addresses.

For this purpose defrauded investors were invited to the false "page" of bank specially developed by swindlers. Along with the "confirmation of addresses" investors were also asked to enter confidential passwords allowing to use their accounts in "Westluck", to transfer their funds to other accounts, etc.

About 200 persons were swindled as a result. However bank administration has operatively enough found out about the swindle and has turned to police. Police experts on electronic criminality have quickly found an original location of a false bank site. It was placed on one of servers in Russia and has been closed. According to ITAR-TASS, police of New Zealand now tries to determine whether money swindlers have had time to take off funds from accounts of the defrauded investors.

Computer Crime Research Center

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