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Ukrainian Hacker has been caught red-handed

By Vladimir Golubev
Date: November 04, 2003

Cyber Crimes Officers of Economic Crimes Department in Sergiev Posad (near to Moscow) detained the hacker who has stolen the unique computer program. The swindler-programmer with all his might was selling the stolen intellectual property untill he was caught red-handed.

The stolen software intended for designing well-known Sergiev Posad's embroideries was developed and recently patented by one domestic programmer. The software was in requisition on cotton-mills, and cost $2000 for mill-owners. It was a surprise for author when he found advertisement of his software in the Internet. The counterfeit copy of the software cost $100. As it was found out, the 22-years talented programmer from Kiev has got the original of the program and has managed to copy it, having broken digital protection. Officers of Moscow Police had to catch the offender red-handed, and they traced him through the Internet.

So, the meeting with "seller" was appointed on a deserted site of a highway nearby to Sergiev Pasad. The deal has taken place, and officers have given the young guy a marked $100 banknote. Hacker, being caught red-handed, has told in Police that he hacked the software together with his friend from Kiev. Now the accomplice is wanted by the International Search.

Computer Crime Research Center

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