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Cyber-Attacks: easy to launch

by Vladimir Golubev
Date: November 01, 2003

Cyber Crimes Unfortunately, the general computerization and introduction of Internet-technologies have not only positive results for our life. Alongside with ordinary users, there are a lot of cyber-robbers and swindlers of every stripe. Epidemics of computer viruses of August-October, 2003 have shown, that the situation about malicious codes became absolutely unmanageable. The disorder is growing so quick, that Microsoft has been compelled to recognize insufficiency of the policy of vulnerabilities.

Foreign analytics do not presume to calculate the losses caused by all attacks. It's impossible to make an estimation of the damage, experts say. A principal reason is complexity of an estimation of damage caused by loss of the confidential information.

The most active in Asia-Pacific region were hackers from Northern Asia: China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. They launched 26 % of attacks in the first quarter 2003. 25 % of attacks have been launched by U.S. hackers. It is necessary to note that activity of the U.S. hackers is increasing constantly: 19 % of attacks - in 2001, 21 % - in 2002 .

The dangerous tendency is that any semi-skilled cyber-criminal can launch destructive attack to the Internet. For this purpose, it's just enough to use Internet to find all necessary information and program toolkit for the attacks.

Computer Crime Research Center

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