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Beware! Internet

By Vladimir Golubev
Date: October 21, 2003

Cyber Crime Under forecasts of experts, more than 1 billion computers will be connected to the Internet by 2005. Nowadays, there are several billions web-sites in the Internet, and Internet industry of developed countries is about 5 % of a national product. Volume of the data transmitted through the Internet is doubled quarterly, hence there is a real dependence of the majority of the countries on reliability of the international information infrastructure.

As for Ukraine, the share of Internet users in Ukraine is much less than in the economically advanced countries. However, the number of hosts in a national segment of the Internet has increased in 2,4 times for 2001-2003, and makes more than 74 thousand. The quantity of web-sites has increased in 5,6 times and makes over 24 thousand.

Unfortunately, the Internet became not only powerful incentive to development of the information industry, but a serious legal problem also. Information leakage can be a reason of the huge economic losses and political mess. Illegal actions committed in sphere of the Internet-technologies facilitating the banking and trading have got especially wide scope. Internet-fraud, spam and pornography are more and more impudently solicit Internet users.

Criminalization of the Internet is represented with computer crimes and cyberterrorism. Law enforcement agencies of Ukraine initiated 24 criminal cases on 37 incidents related to the Internet for the 1 half-year 2003.

In spite of variety of the problems, experts define five main directions of the Internet legal regulation:

- Fighting computer crimes^;
- Regulation of e-commerce and information security^;
- Protecting Intellectual property ^;
- Protecting Identities and Private^;
- Fighting illegal actions and brutal content in the Internet .

There is a hope that the National Security Concept of Ukraine will promote counteraction this harm and decriminalization of the national Internet segment.

Computer Crime Research Center

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