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Fighting Cyber Crime is a national task

Vladimir Golubev
Date: October 02, 2003

Cyber crime Process of informatization in Ukraine is accompanied with the growth of computer criminality. With the purpose of counteraction to cyber crimes there were formed Intellectual Property and Hi-Tech Crime Divisions. These divisions are acting under authority of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

The following statistics on fighting cybercrimes shows the work of these divisions. So, in 2002 twenty five computer related crimes were disclosed^; fifty crimes were disclosed for 6 months 2003.

During 6 months 2003 the Intellectual Property and Hi-Tech Crime Divisions initiated 24 criminal cases on the 37 computer incidents. On basis of the analysis it is possible to define groups of crimes which have mass distribution to Ukraine. The first group includes crimes related to access identifiers (logins, passwords, Pin-Codes), as a rule the crimes are commited both by outsiders and insiders, workers of telecommunication agencies and internet service providers. The second group includes encroachments to the information with restricted access by way of remote access. The third group includes crimes against computer accounts. For example, criminals get a remote control over system "Client-Bank" with a purpose to harm businesses or to run e-money gained through criminal activity.

Computer Crime Research Center

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