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Child porn is a trouble of the Internet

Timofey Saytarly
Date: August 25, 2003

Protect Children World community is worried about the Internet which is turning into "the world dump of a child porn", - the head of Hi-Tech Crime Unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow Dmitry Chepchugov informed. In this connection he has noticed that the Russian Law does not allow to fight child porn efficiently. According to Chepchugov, last years the Internet has a growth of pornographic materials related to teens: "The child porn rejuvenates, becomes more and more brutal and refined. There are sexual scenes with violence against children of 3-5 years old, and even the babies". According to psychologists, children are hurted with physical and the mental cruelty^; moreover the viewing of such images can provoke immoral conduct and to incite people to crimes.

77 % of child pornography is distributed through the Internet. According to Moscow Hi-Tech Crime Unit (The Department "K") , almost 92 % of the Interpol's international search orders related to computer crimes are devoted to this problem. The world porn industry, being informed on critical position of Russian and others CIS countries' Law, aspires to move the resources of child porn on territory of the Russian part of the Internet.

Computer Crime Research Center

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