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Electrical Osama ben Laden

Vladimir Golubev
Date: August 25, 2003

Osama ben Laden Finally, guilty persons have confessed to cutting off the electric power on the east shore of the USA. It turned out to be “Al-Qaeda” terrorists and ben Laden, former air traffic control officer, has trained for an electrician. «Slashing lightning” fell upon the tyrant’s land. However, nobody will know how the light was switched off…

Why should ben Laden make such cheap tricks after committing a monstrous crime? Why ought the “Al Qaeda” to play farce after tragedy?

Three answers can be given to these questions. First, the USA was deeply concerned about their security systems and patched most of holes. Today, it is quite difficult to plan acts of terrorism. If earlier some security systems were expected not to work, now it is necessary to wait for the way things will come out. It is extremely hard to locate agents in key places because photographs of a new model are required to enter the USA. Thus, terrorists can hardly carry out large-scale operations.

Second, having lost the territory where military training camps and document counterfeit plants could be located, as well as possibilities to make banking operations through Afghanistan’s financial establishments, the “Al Qaeda” combats are lacking now most of their resources and they have to be occupied with “plagiarism”.

Third, the international control over shady financial traffics deprived terrorists of many appropriate resources. The large business is known not to go without money.

However, terrorists are not going to lay down their arms. They need to remember of themselves. They need to response to the US military attack on Iraq in their own way.

For the time being, they have no opportunities. However, they should remind of themselves to Islamic people that must not forget their heroes, Islamic rich fanatics to invest their further activities and the West to keep it in strain.

In this case, the “Al Qaeda” terrorists managed to remind of themselves.

Islamic people look upon the USA as an enemy and attribute with pleasure any act of terrorism to their “defenders” and “avengers”. If the “Al-Qaeda” succeed in strengthening its authority in the Muslim’s world in those ways, it will be able to keep a brand that somebody can back up despite it is more and more difficult because funds of eastern oil barons are thoroughly controlled.

However, we should not flatter ourselves as the East can hide both money and people. Neither ben Laden nor Saddam Hussein with their “oxygen bags” hidden for a rainy day were not still found. Both the “Al-Qaeda” and ben Laden suffer hard times now but they will surely survive them.

The terrorists are waiting for an opportunity to strike a blow. It is dead certain that they are plotting something. No matter how grievous it is but they will remind of themselves more than once.

Vagif Guseynov, director of the Strategic Assessment and Analysis Institute and former head of Azerbaijan’s CSS, comments this situation.

The most unexpected things can result from the nature of terrorism.

The fact that terrorists accidentally remind of themselves is also a mechanism of terror worked through for many centuries and having no antidote though the world community was united to put an end to this evil. However, it is necessary to eradicate terror’s reasons but not to fight its consequences.

Taking such steps as military actions against Iraq will never defeat the terror. It can withdraw itself, assume another aspect, as well as change its forms and methods as in XIX, XX. Moreover, those killed to the glory and liberation of Muslim’s people and become martyrs are considered “saints” there. I think that reasons of terror should be taken into account and… eliminated as well.

There can be a real way of protection but not 100 per cent. The nature of terror consists in that it can find an unexpected support. Nobody has managed to completely do away with the terrorism yet.

The terrorists were thinned out and their combatant, organizational and financial structures were destroyed but nevertheless some forces that kept on assassinating in a low scale were always preserved. The terrorism is impossible to annihilate. Even when reminding of itself the “Al-Qaeda” applied an information weapon

Computer Crime Research Center

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