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Rules to control cyber cafes in offing

Source: The Hindu
Date: August 21, 2003

Cyber Crime Mumbai, Aug. 21 (PTI): Mumbai police are in the process of drafting rules aimed at guiding and controlling cyber cafes in the city with a view to minimising the misuse of internet for cyber offences.

"The proposed rules would make it mandatory for cyber cafes to permit only those users having a photo-identity to access the internet from their cafes," a senior police official told reporters here today.

"Minors would not be permitted inside a cyber cafe unless accompanied by a guardian or supervised by an adult at the cafe," he said.

There are also efforts to make it mandatory for cyber cafes to ensure programmes that filtered pornography and ensured safety locks against pornographic websites.

The rules are in the draft stage and would be put forward for approval to the Government, he said.

The biggest challenge before the police handling cyber crimes is collection, recording and comparing evidence to be able to prove it in a court of law.

Since cyber crime deals with unconventional means of communication and world of virtual reality it becomes difficult to trace down the culprits.

The transmission of image files containing encrypted messages could also be a major challenge. Citing the recent example where Bin Laden's photo images were transmitted, he said the images had encrypted messages which were difficult to detect or trace down.

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