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Russian hacker has been sentenced…

Vladimir Golubev
Date: August 15, 2003

Stop Cyber Crime The verdict of court has come into force concerning a hacker, who blackmailed the known Baltic company. Anton Gushchenko has stolen the list of cardholders^; the list included access passwords and numbers of accounts. He has connected to ISP of a Latvian firm whose computer database stored this information. Threatening to launch the data in the Internet, he has required $ 30'000. Naturally, the emission in the Internet of such information could result in full breakdown of the firm. Having found out that a hacker is from Russia, owners of firm have addressed to the Russian Law Enforcements. But Anton had time to receive the first money.

With the consent of police agents Latvians have transfered $ 5'000 to Gushchenko's account^; and he has immediately transfered money to the Uruguay bank. Russian Police have tracked a way of money. When a hacker has been arrested, he admitted guilt at once. However, he said, that he does not think that it was a crime. Meanwhile unemployed Anton, lived in a chic apartment in Moscow. Apparently, for a comfortable life he earned cracking another's computers.

During a search in Anton Gushchenko's apartment the evidences he was engaged in extortion have been found. All criminal correspondence was stored in a his computer. As a result of short hearing Anton Gushchenko has been sentenced to six years of probation.

Computer Crime Research Center

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