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Crime on the Net: Know your rights

Source: cities.expressindia.com
Date: August 15, 2003

Stop Cyber Crime If online shopping got you worried about your credit card details falling into the wrong hands, there's help coming your way.

Film actor Akshay Kumar on Wednesday launched the publicity poster and sticker for the forthcoming Cyber Safety Week, beginning August 18, at the Bandra-Kurla Complex.

The week, being held for the first time by the Mumbai police, will comprise talks, seminars and public discussions with the active support of the IT industry—such as NASSCOM, The indus Enterprise (TiE), Mastek, Novell, Zenith and Rediff.

Commissioner of Police R S Sharma said it was necessary to sensitise residents to the alarming rise in cyber crime in the city.

"The cyber safety week will go a long way in reducing cyber crime in the city," he said.

Akshay Kumar said he was wary about using his credit cards in light of the ongoing cyber crime.

"I felt a little more safe and sure after speaking to some senior police officers this morning,"he said.

Bhavin Kadakia, the head of information technology department at Indian Merchants' Chamber, said: "The basic objective of Cyber Safety Week is to make people aware of cyber crime and their IT rights."

"For example, what exactly constitutes cyber crime and where the common man can lodge a complaint with the police."

Kadakia added that IMC's newly formed IT Cell will also debate on certain cyber crimes such as credit card fraud, email hacking, viruses and sexual harassment on the web.

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