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Cops to crack down on cyber criminals

Source: cities.expressindia.com
Date: August 06, 2003

Stop Cyber Crime The United States loses approximately $5,000 in bank robberies every year.

"But according to the recent reports, losses in cyber space are approximately 100 times more, averaging of $5 lakh every year," said Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) Satya Pal Singh, while talking to the media about Cyber Safety Week.

Cyber Safety Week, which begins August 18 and will be observed through August 23, is a joint effort by the seven key Information Technology associations in the city to help the Mumbai Police Cyber Crime Cell.

The seven associations are the All-India Association of Industries, the National Association of Software and Service Companies, the Federations of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the Indian Merchants' Chambers, the Internet Users' Club of India, and The Indus Entrepreneurs.

During the week, seminars will be organised to educate people about safe practices in cyberspace. Panel discussions will also be held at the IMC and FICCI.

Interactive seminars will be conducted in 25 colleges across the city. Cyber gurus will also interact with members of the public to promote awareness of security issues like safeguarding children from pornographic websites, misuse of credit cards and unsafe Net transactions.

Singh stressed at the meeting that cyber safety was the need of the hour for the Mumbai Police because anti-social elements like terrorists and the underworld are misusing the Web. "The issue has become one of national security," he said.

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