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Internet is not prepared for cyberattacks

By Vladimir Golubev
Date: August 02, 2003

Stop Cybercrime System Administrator and Network Security (SANS) and the National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC) have made the joint statement that the Internet is not prepared for attacks and the number of cyberterrorists' attacks will grow.

Let's remind, that critical vulnerability in all operational systems of Windows NT related to overflow of the buffer in interface DCOM of RPC. According to Microsoft, hackers can get access to the data stored at removed computers, email, they can delete files, etc. using this "hole". Recently, hackers managed to test successfully new means of removed control over the vulnerable systems. Besides, there was hyperactivity of hackers in the Network: the search of unprotected servers and PC, the attempts of "hacking" using new utilities. Special hacker's chats and forums contain conversations on the theam "How to improve these means of hacking.

According to experts the main threat is the hackers can launch the "worm" to the Internet which can damage huge quantity of computers for few minutes. Experts fear that such attacks can take place in several days, weeks or months.

Experts of Symantec believe, there is no necessity to expect universal hacker's attacks^; malefactors need to correct many defects in own hacking programs. In their opinion, users and experts should be warned about potential danger, but it is while early to speak about obvious attributes of its approach. FBI also informed about the fears concerning probable massive hacker's attacks. Experts believe, that computer crimes will grow every year. Now it is possible to say that the promt development of Internet technologies results in occurrence of new virtual transnational criminal groups.

Computer Crime Research Center

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