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Script kiddies. Warning: the hacking!

Date: June 30, 2003
By Vladimir Golubev

Stop Cyber Crime The Internet has become an integral part of human activity…

Persons, who plan and are at cyber-attacks, apply various knowledge and experience. But more often, they are so called "script kiddies" (the low-skilled hackers using "holes" in ready scripts). They have the minimal knowledge and a lot of free time. Actually, the hacking of many systems doesn't require special approaches. Moreover, the most of "script kiddies" do not understand what exactly they do. They just load any program and get access to system or to administrator account. In this way the ordinary user can execute all actions required for hacking without any efforts.

All time we make an effort to protect own houses or apartments against the traditional thief. Certainly, the well-skilled thief can penetrate into any apartment, but their number is not so much, that's why usual protection as the reliable lock is enough. With this purpose, people shut the windows and doors^; sometimes they establish the signal system. As for Internet, “script kiddies” can penetrate into the unprotected systems which have no "locks". Thus, we have to make efforts to secure systems against a plenty of unexperienced, low-skilled, annoying "hackers". Certainly, the computer systems will never be protected in 100%, but if we have a desire it is possible to secure even 90%. Unfortunately, the average index hardly makes 50 % now.

Computer Crime Research Center

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