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Average damage from one cyber-fraud - $ 23 000

By Vladimir Golubev
Date: June 28, 2003

Stop Cyber Crime The level of cyber crime in the developed countries is measured in thousand offences, and the economic harm makes billions US dollars...

The fighting cyber crime is one of priorities of modern society. Conducted researches allow to approve that, the world community has serious problems in this sphere. The American experts have promulgated interesting statistics. The average damage In the USA makes: from one robbery of bank - $ 3,2 thousand^; from one swindle - $ 23 thousand^; from one cyber theft - $ 500 thousand.

Considering vital role of computers and their use in government and management, we get an essential problem of cyber security and protection against criminal encroachments related to data and money theft, distortion or destruction of the computer information, wrongful use of computers and etc.

Successful fighting cyber crime requires an optimum combination of legal and preventive arrangements, perfection of the legislation, development of norms which would define the responsibility for crimes in sphere of the computer information, and would be really put into practice.

Computer Crime Research Center

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