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Internet Fraud: the information for thoughts

By Vladimir Golubev
Date: June 18, 2003

Stop Cyber Crime The credit and financial sphere appeared the most vulnerable for criminal encroachments.

The criminal case concerning the citizen of Ukraine can be a characteristic example of such crimes. Having penetrated in the automated system of commercial bank the man has stolen fantastic sum.

During the check of clients bank accounts' state the bank employee has wrongly wrote off $220 200 from account of a client^; the sum was similar to the date of February, 22, 2000.

The bank gave the clients information on the rest of money on their accounts through the Internet. Looking through extracts under the account from the moment of its opening, the owner of a plastic card has found erroneous operations of the operator. And he e-mailed the letter to the bank.

Using the special program, the malefactor has penetrated into computer control system and databases containing the information on accounts of plastic cards owner, and under a kind of repeated bank mistake has deliberately reduced the data on own card account in $220 200. Thus, the extract on a state of his account showed a minus $ 220200. At the same day he sent e-mail to the bank which noticed that he cannot use the extract on state of his own account.

Continuing to mislead bank employees, the next day he called to the duty operator of bank and informs him that in result of bank fault there is a large shortage in the account. So, he asked to make respective alterations. Bank employees having been confused about the error and thinking that it was a failure in work of computer bank system, have carried out a special operation on updating the card account of the client for the sum of $220 200.

Fortunately, malefactor couldn't take advantage of this sum^; he has been arrested by law enforcement bodies.

Computer Crime Research Center

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