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Computer Crimes

By Vladimir Golubev
Date: June 17, 2003

Stop Cyber Terrorism The most important problem for the modern society saturated with information computer technologies is to fight cybercrimes. They are committed against the right of computer information technology owners and users to obtain and spread true and complete data in proper time^; property in information or software^; protection from negative information influence, negative consequences of computer information technology operation and unauthorized spread of data. The objects of computer criminals are financial-banking, transport, telecommunication and other state automated control systems. They also attack computer systems and networks used by commercial structures and particular persons. According to the US statistics, in USA an average damage makes up $3.2 thousand (a physical bank robbery), $23 thousand (a swindle) and $500 thousand (a cybertheft).

According to interrogation data, hearing materials and scientific observations, the world society faces serious problems in this field. If computer technologies and networks remain vulnerable, it can cause appreciable losses in the most various fields. The activities of political extremists and terrorists, as well as criminal groups directed against vital objects can succeed. All this is aggravated by the imperfectness of criminal laws and state system on fighting computer crimes.

Therefore, quite laborious work will have to be done in the field of computer crimes. It should be noted that the character of developing up-to-date information computer technologies, especially, their globalization level allows no country to solve the problem of computer crimes alone. Practically all the aspects of fighting these crimes should be harmonized with the international experience.

Computer Crime Research Center

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