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Moscow HightTech Crime Unit vs. Hackers

By Vladimir Golubev
Date: June 14, 2003

Stop Cyber Crime An attempt of the non-authorized access to the Internet can create very big problems.

According to statistics for May, 2003, the Moscow HightTech Crime Unit (Department "K") initiated seven criminal cases on the fact of the non-authorized access to the computer information protected by the law. According to a deputy chief of the department "K" Dmitry Ivanets, these cases initiated on the article 272 of Penal Code of Russian Federation ("The illegal access to the computer information"), but it is not a full list of "computer" cases investigated by the Department. There is a nuance in cybercrime prosecution. The investigating bodies have power to initiate criminal case on fact of data theft according to the article 158 of Penal Code of Russian Federation ("The theft"). In any case, the prosecution is a thing the extremely unpleasant...

According to agents, the age of persons engaging in passwords hacking, data thefts, illegal Internet access is about 16-23 years. They usually act with three ways. The first is a getting of hacking algorithms (so-called Trojan) at hackers' sites. The second is a getting of available passwords and logins from friends and "colleagues". And the third is a purchase of CD with available hacking programms. So, in May this year the agents of department "K" during check of one of computer shops have withdrawn a disk with the program intended for hacking the mail boxes. Dmitry Ivanets says that hackers often are not aware of their doing: having stolen another's time of Internet access for 50 roubles, they have to pay the penalty up to 50 thousand roubles under the court decision. There is even a certain business in Vladivostok: the guys walk on the streets and offer the hardly lifelong free-of-charge access to the Internet for the dribblet .

Actually if you get access to the free-of-charge Internet, it means someone loses honestly paid Internet access time...

Computer Crime Research Center

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