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Fighting Child Pornography in the Internet

By Timofey Saytarly
Date: June 11, 2003

Stop Child Porn According to Law Enforcement Bodies of Russia 75 % of all child pornography is distributed in the Internet. According to experts, 70 % of Internet - payments in system B2C falls on payments for services of "xxx-sites". The words related to sex and pornography are contained in half of requests of search engines.

It is easy to explain commercial success of such enterprises: amateurs of a child pornography have already got used to search for production not in illegal shops, but in police free virtual network. A subscriber gets an opportunity to have a good time with child porn in Internet for 15-20 dollars a month, knowing that these actions are not punishable in many countries, including the Soviet Union.

The European Union is going to toughen laws on struggle against a child porn in the Internet. European countries are prepared to pass laws which would equally punish for manufacture, storage and distribution of child porn.

Experts from the Main police administration of Japan have developed essentially new automated system for fighting the distribution of a child pornography in the Internet.

The program is based on one of police servers and 'patrols' a world wide web, checking websites for video forbidden by the law.

The national police service of Japan has declared, that will observe the activity of acquaintances services in the Internet. It is done to secure minors against prostitution and sexual abuses.

The Pakistan telecommunication systems officials have attempted to protect the users from pernicious, depraved influence of the Network, and has closed access more than to 1800 xxx-sites.

Almost year, three girls-teenagers from Maryland (U.S.) advised FBI agents investigating cases about pedophiles who find the victims through the Internet.

The task was to teach adult men to talk like 14-years girls, to avoid the criminal catchs them in a lie. Since 1995, FBI has made more than two thousand arrests within the framework of operation «Innocent persons».

The U.S. government is going to gather the largest collection of a child pornography. The Child Victim Identification Program at Department of Justice provides gathering all pictures and videorecordings withdrawn and found in the Internet with the purpose of search of children and prosecution of photographers.

Computer Crime Research Center

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