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Hacker conference SummerCon 2003

By Ludmila Goroshko
Date: June 10, 2003

Stop Cyber Crime June, 6-8 the annual hacker conference SummerCon 2003 has taken place in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) . This is one of the oldest actions, which are spent since 1985. About 200 person from the different countries have visited conference this year. One of the main tasks of organizers was to show that not every hackers are criminals, and many of them are of use, but not harmful.

According to one of organizers of the conference Luis Trampbur, now, the word "hacker" has sharply negative nature and that is unfair. Many representatives of special services support Trampbur. For example, the Pittsburgh FBI agent Tom Grasso, responsible for cybercrime, has noted that hackers are not always criminals or hooligans. Their activity can be useful sometimes.

Computer Crime Research Center

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