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Protect an “electronic purse”

By Ludmila Goroshko
Date: June 07, 2003

Fraud Presently, there is no necessity to use the gun to plunder the man of means, and even the bank - the use of modern computer technologies by criminals allows to do this "work", as they say, "with white gloves". It is possible to penetrate into computer systems from any place through the Internet.

Fraud with use credit cards is one of the most widespread computer crimes in the world. According to experts, the damage caused by hackers makes about 50 billion dollars an year.

In spite of the fact that credit cards have not received a wide use in Ukraine, banks sustain losses from fraud, because they have to compensate losses of the clients. On statistics, only the Kiev banks lose $100 - $500 thousand an year.

For getting money through a cash dispenser, it is necessary to have not only a credit card, but also to know a PIN-code. Criminals use various ways to get the PIN-code. The most safe and widely used way is "hacking" computer systems and theft of the information necessary for manufacturing counterfeit cards or remittance.

One of the famous last cases about credit cards was the penetration of hackers into computer systems "Visa" and "MasterCard". It's happened in February, 2003. Criminals got the confidential data on bank accounts and credit cards of 5 million 600 thousand person from the different countries. Representatives of both companies have assured victims that swindlers had no time to use the information in criminal purposes. The hackers who have made this unprecedented "action" are in search till now.

National Bank of Ukraine offers own system of electronic payments to secure itself and clients. The Ukrainian cards differ from international payment systems that they are based on a microchip with the built - in safety elements.

Owners of plastic cards also should be rather worried about protection of the electronic purses. Experts advise: "Do not say anybody number of the card or any other information on it^; do not trust waiters and cashiers and try to see all operations they make with your card".

Computer Crime Research Center

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