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Special knowledge in cybercrime

By Vladimir Golubev
Date: June 06, 2003

Cybercrime Despite of damage from cybercrime related to financial abusing is down, ($9 million this year and $116 million the last year), the given kind of the crimes perpetrated by non-authorized access in bank computer and telecommunication systems, remains the most dangerous to banking.

According to foreign and Russian experts, the computer crime becomes one of the most dangerous kinds of criminal encroachments. The distinctive features of these crimes are not only high latence and significance of damage, but the explicit transnational nature.

Despite of variety of computer crimes, there is common feature. Cybercrimes are perpetrated by persons from among highly skilled programmers and experts in the field of computers and telecommunication systems. As a rule, these persons are the employees of banks and directly relate to the hardware and the software, or have the certain relations to the bank-victim (they worked in this bank before, have familiar, relatives from among bank employees, they work or worked in the computer service of bank and so forth).

The use of experts in the field of IT in criminal activity is caused with necessity of use special knowledge for the work with certain computers and for making the special program, allowing to overcome protection of bank networks (passwords, system of protection against the non-authorized access)

Computer Crime Research Center

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