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Al-Qaeda threatens to "blow up" the Internet

By Vladimir Golubev
Date: June 02, 2003

Cybercrime One of Islamic fundamentalists, referring to Osama ben Laden, informs, that Al-Qaeda shows special interest to the Hi-Tech weapon, including the Internet. According to his statement, Al-Qaeda and other Islamic terror groupings plan to use the Internet as the weapon in Jihad against the West.

In exclusive interview "Monday with Computerworld" Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed, (the founder of Jama'at al-Muhajiran, the Osama ben Laden's representative of International Islamic front "Jihad against Jews and crusaders"), said that all kinds of High Technologies, including the Internet, are studied by "faithfuls" with the purpose of use war against the West.

"Soon, you will see attacks on London, New York, and Tokyo stock exchanges", - Bakri said.

It is not the first public statement of Bin Laden's adherents about planning new cyberattacks.

Computer Crime Research Center

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