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Battlefields in cyberspace

Attack and counterattack on the web

Washington (pte, Mar 21, 2003 15:02) - The war between Iraq and the United States has quickly spread to cyberspace.

Not long after hackers sympathising with the US took over the Iraqi TV portal http://www.iraqtv.ws, a pro-islamic group has launched a counteroffensive. As reported in the Washington Post http://www.washingtonpost.com, a group by the name of Unix Security Guards (USG) has replaced the content of over 400 websites in the US with its own.

The USG message starts with a quotation from the Koran and then sends a message to the US, saying "the cyber war we have promised" has begun. It also states: "More is coming. Just as the USA does whatever it wants in the world, we will do whatever we want on the Internet". The message concludes with an appeal to end the war in Iraq.

Last February the National Infrastructure Protection Center http://www.nipc.gov warned "patriots" to refrain from hacking activities. At that time, the US government asserted that no irregular competition on the Internet would be tolerated. At the same time, the government warned that hackers could unwillingly become the instruments of the opponent.

Source: www.pressetext.com

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