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The first Ukrainian manual for cyber-policemen

Authors group in structure of V. Golubev, V. Gavlovskiy, V. Tsimbaljuk, under the general edition of the doctor of jurisprudence, professors R. Kaljuzhny have issued a manual «Tasks of Cybercrime Fighting». The manual has been issued with support of the Transnational Crime and Corruption Center (TraCCC) at the American University (Washington, DC, USA).

Struggle against crimes in the spheres of information communication becomes crucial and actual all over the world. Expansion of computer use has generated not only technical, but legal problems also. Serious negative consequences of a computerization of a society are so-called "computer-crimes" or "cybercrimes".

Absence of effective mechanisms of cybercrime fighting threatens system of national safety. The crucial tasks in this connection are the following: training the experts of law enforcement bodies, researching and search of ways to increase a level of information security, improvement of legal assistance of the information in computer systems, solving the problems of cybercrime counteraction and investigation.

The manual is devoted to the most important and actual problems of fighting against crimes committed in sphere of computers, systems and computer networks. Authors consider the basic aspects of information security, define criminological characteristics of computer crimes, and give practical recommendations on detection, fixings and withdrawal of physical evidence. Authors are based on results of own theoretical and practical work, and combine the experience and achievements of experts in the field of computer crimes fighting.

The manual is recommended by the Ministry of Education and Sciences of Ukraine. It is intended for students of Higher Schools who specialize on «Information security, information protection, jurisprudence and law-enforcement activity ». The book will be useful to post-graduate students, cadets, students of Higher Schools of Law, including system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Book contents

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