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Group urges cyber security post
(By Stephen Pounds)

A consortium of 40 information-technology companies in Florida should receive an award for innovative new job titles.

In a report to state policymakers, ITFlorida this month suggested the creation of a new state government position to guard against physical and cyber threats to the state's own computer system. Companies could then follow the state's example in protecting their own system.

"We all know that cyberterrorism is an issue, but it often takes an event like 9/11 to make it real," said Rick Kearney, ITFlorida chairman and chief executive of Tallahassee-based Mainline Information Systems, the world's largest reseller of IBM hardware.

State lawmakers might trump the group and come up with their own name for the post. ITFlorida would call it "enterprise business continuity officer." The group is working with Florida Chief Information Officer Kimberly Bahrami to get the new position written into legislation this year.

"What's in the name? It's just descriptive of the job," Kearney said. The state "might want to delve into it further to make sure the position is all that it needs to be."

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