Computer Crime Research Center

Cybercrime Conference 2003

The Third Annual CyberCrime Conference & Exhibition was held in Connecticut this week, and garnered a wide audience of security professionals. With computer crime a reoccurring headline in the news of late, awareness amongst the security community has been heightened. Representatives from the private sector were equalled in number by those from government and law enforcement.

CyberCrime, unlike many other conferences, takes the approach that prevention of crimes is not enough, and that professionals should be able to understand exactly what happened, why it happened, and how to pursue the criminal. To help achieve this the conference hosted a range of talks, including issues with online fraud, child exploitation investigation, sexual assault on the Internet, infrastructure protection, digital crime scene awareness, identity theft, prosecuting computer crime, and many more.

There was also a focus on cyber-terrorism due to the recent threats of war, and talks focused on protecting infrastructures from an attack. Law enforcement was also targeted as an area that needs education, and an area in need of an ongoing commitment to computer security. As the show's host, James Doyle, said, "It's not like fingerprints, where you can train someone once and they can lift prints for the next 20 years."


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