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STOP Porn to Kids!

Last week sent out an urgent plea to rally an additional 15,000 people to stand with us in the battle to end illegal Internet Pornography.

Just days later, we are pleased to report that we not only surpassed our delivery goal of 250,000 petitions, but added another 22,000 concerned citizens who are DEMANDING ACTION IN CONGRESS!!!

That will be our rallying cry next Tuesday when delivers your petitions to our nation's leaders!

This remarkable show of support tells us that Americans are aren't satisfied with what's happening in our libraries, schools, and other public places. They are outraged that smut peddlers can enter their homes with obscene images that can wreak havoc on a young mind, and they want it stopped!


With less than one month before the legislative calendar runs out, this petition delivery is perfectly timed in support of two important pieces of legislation that give parents, teachers, and families some piece of mind in the struggle against porn.

On behalf of the 258,150 Americans who are standing with us, we will demand that Congress takes immediate action on these important bills.


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