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Pakistan steps up cyber attacks against India

Hackers from Pakistan and terrorist organisations are increasing their attacks on Indian websites to provide a new dimension to the ongoing Indo-Pak conflict over Jammu and Kashmir, a defence official said.

Group Captain Ajit Tyagi from the Directorate of Information Technology, Air Force Headquarters, said terrorist organisations were resorting to the Internet and information systems to extend their warfare into a completely new arena to give a new, low-cost dimension, with maximum effect and reach.

In his presentation on "information security/warfare and cyber terrorism" here at the two-day national seminar on Information and Network Security, he revealed that hacker groups from Pakistan like Pakistan Hacker Club and MoS had intensified their attacks on Indian websites, especially over the last three years.

Citing an example, Tyagi said these terrorist organisations hacked websites and networks and destroyed electronic systems. The Indian Army website on Jammu and Kashmir was hacked two years back by Pakistani hackers. They had floated false information about human rights violations by the Indian defence forces on the Army's websites.


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